Stretch ceilings – Acoustic


To reduce the intensity of the sound waves within a room we can use acoustic absorption by applying special micro-perforations. The wave that emanates from a sound source is partially absorbed by the ceiling sheet reducing the reflections of the sound.

The perforated ceiling also lets a portion of the sound waves pass through it. As the sound waves continue to reverberate around the room, energy loss continues and the sound in the space is reduced. Due to this technology we can obtain impressive acoustic results within

For a better result of Vecta Design perforated ceilings can be used with a sound absorption sheet. This is a thermal-acoustic insulating material that is recognized for its exceptional acoustic  absorbing and thermal insulating properties. Vecta Design offers 2 kinds of absorbents with a density of 25 kg/ m3: thickness of 30mm and 50mm. Sound absorption sheet contains no toxic  substances, it can be handled and installed in complete safety. Vecta Design perforated ceilings can be used in the public and private spaces, where is needed to be reduced the intensity of the sound (noise), for example: airports, museums, churches, night clubs, restaurants.