The safety of the stretch ceilings is our priority and is confirmed by the tests, certificates, with approval of European and International Official Institutes

All stretch ceilings layers are manufactured according to the highest standards and in compliance with safety certificates EN 14716:2004, what’s been proven by the Certificate of Compliance CE 1488 – CPD – 0342/W.

The ceilings have been approved for non-toxicity. Reaction to fire B-S2, d0

 The stretch ceilings are fully waterproof and provides great protection from flooding as well as eliminate the risk of moisture condensation above the layer. The stretch ceilings is also resistant to steam.

 The stretch ceilings has the authorization to be used in all kinds of public and private spaces, especially in locations where absolute clarity and sterility is in order. Our ceiling surface is anti-electrostatic, waterproof, and non-seismic. Thanks to these values a professional custom made stretch ceiling is a long lasting solution that does not require any further cost in the future. Every stretch ceiling layer is 100% recyclable.

 The sprinklers are incorporated in the stretch ceiling according to the usurped techniques. The stretch ceiling allows the setting of exposures sprinklers in a large surface such as supermarket.

 Video cameras, safety blocks, emergency exit signs and any technical equipment can be incorporated into the stretch ceilings, walls, and 3D elements.

 The National Institute of Health attests conformity of the stretch ceiling with the requirements of food hygiene.

 The stretch ceiling has also been tested for acoustic absorption ISO 11654.