Stretch ceilings – Classic

Stretch Ceiling-7 Ceiling system VECTA CLASSIC consists from more than 160 various colors and the textures, capable to satisfy the most refined taste of any designer. The main advantages of VECTA CLASSIC are clean and quick installation, very economical and durable, does not require any preparations. VECTA CLASSIC is stretched in flat from wall to wall with using of visible and invisible profiles.

  • Matt style is a strict traditional style, which underlines the quality of the furniture in the interior, especially actual in an interior with an exclusive furniture.
  • Satin style – elegance and quiet tones, ideally equal surface for a refined interior.
  • Lacquered – depth and volume, expands space and will make your room unique.
  • Metallic – as a color of the car of your dream, will help to create an interior in style of High-Tech and Modern