Stretch ceilings – Stars

FiberOptics-4VECTA STARS system is giving opportunity to create a starry sky effect. It consists from the VECTA membrane and the engine with the millions of fibers in order to create stars effect on the surface of the ceiling. This effect is widely used in swimming pools, bathrooms, bedrooms and other spaces which predispose for the rest and relax.

The star sky installation can vary in size and position, by created effects (glimmer, the changing color of the stars and etc.), number and type of crystal fittings.

Why to choose this solution?

Because Fiber Optics are considered one of the most advanced lighting systems. Their ability to transmit light along their axis, by the process of total internal reflection allows impressive aesthetic results.

The main attributes of fiber optics include low consumption, ease of maintenance, lack of UV radiation, as well as security in creation of lighting effects with liquid elements (due to the fact that fiber optics as application transmit light and not electricity).